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Electrical Inspections
Valeri Melik
Thermal Imaging of Insulation
Thermal Insulation
Valeri Melik

By detecting thermal anomalies invisible to the naked eye, ATII field inspectors will pinpoint the areas of potential trouble. Hence the appropriate corrective actions can be planned and implemented well before the costly or sometimes even catastrophic failures can occur.

ATII consultants are appropriately qualified to conduct electrical thermal inspections. They will prepare comprehensive condition monitoring reports on electrical switchgear and will help customers to mitigate any corrective actions if required.

Thermographic inspections are not intrusive and conducted during the normal plant operating hours. No power outages are required. Good results are achieved when the electrical equipment is under at least 40% of the rated load to reveal any existing problem spots. However, maximum load conditions are ideal to simulate where possible.

Thermal Imaging of Mechanical Components
Mechanical Installation Defects
Valeri Melik

ATII inspectors will measure the effectiveness of your thermal insulation within and outside the plant. All variations from the ambient conditions will be picked up, analysed and reported. Any damaged or ineffective parts of the insulation will be revealed and reported to the plant operations manager, so that the cost benefit analysis of the corrective actions could be completed with a high degree of accuracy .


To complement the existing site maintenance routines, our inspections can be scheduled to occur at a regular time intervals suitable for the client and during the top production cycles. Moreover this service is non intrusive and conducted with no interruptions to the normal way of production process nor to the plant personnel.

Reporting and Follow Up
Valeri Melik

Australian Thermal Imaging Inspector will provide you with rapid and accurate diagnoses of the newly installed equipment. This helps to reveal any defects during the equipment commissioning phase and thus to apply early corrective actions while the plant is at a pre-production testing.


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The biggest advantage to our clients is a symptomatic view of the components inspected under their full load, so that the remediation work, if required, can be easily performed at a most convenient time. Electrical and mechanical systems are best to be inspected annually, at a minimum. Often things that would be inspected are in panels, conductors, pipes, conveyer systems, motors and other moving or stationary parts. This is where a thorough understanding of the systems inspected is essential. Our inspectors are highly qualified engineers with ability to define the scope of work, take any additional measurements, analyse the subject matter and produce comprehensive reports with recommendations on the follow up options. All the appropriate design changes or modifications can be validated by our senior engineers and the work over arranged and coordinated by the experienced project managers.

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