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Annual Thermal Imaging Scans

ATII Provides Thermal Imaging Inspections of Electrical Mechanical Installations and  Buildings

Valeri Melik
Thermal Imaging of sky


Thermal Imaging Scans or thermographic inspections are the most valuable diagnostic tools for electrical and mechanical systems, where anomalies often invisible to the naked eye.

Regilar termal imaging inspections allow the corrective actions to be identified well before costly system failures would have chance to present themselfs..

Thermography of Power Station
  • ​Thermographic inspections of Electrical Switchboards and Cables. Free Quote over the phone.

  • Thermographic inspections of High Voltage Substations.

  • Thermal Imaging scanning of Plant Equipment and Thermal Insulation.

  • ​Detailed reports within 24hr. with recommendations.

  • Electrical design changes and recommendations for corrective actions. 

  • Project management and implementation.

Thermal Imaging report


"ATII is the place to get proper thermal imaging inspections for all your power and mechanical equipment. ATII inspections will help to  prevent power losses, catastrophic electrical fires, costly outages, equipment breakdowns and eliminate risks to the operating personnel. ATII customers are provided with the most comprehensive technical reports and recommendations as found necessary. Our goal is to provide you with a clear infrared vision for your equipment and peace of mind"

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