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Low and High Voltage Inspections Using High Performance Flir T540 IR Camera

Thermal imaging is commonly used for electrical, mechanical and building inspections. As electrical connections become loose, the resistance to current at the untied joins can lead to increase in temperature beyond the design tolerances causing equipment to fail. This often results in plant outages, personnel injuries, catastrophic electrical fires, massive insurance claims and capital losses. In addition, the efficiency of electrical system is significantly diminished due to the parasitic heat generation leading to increase in overall power demand per unit of product and significant revenue losses. 

About ATII Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Camera
Switch Board Thermal Imaging Inspection
Switchboard Inspections


Switchboard thermographic inspection makes it possible to reveal problem areas within the switchboards and helps to make quick assessment on the appropriate corrective measures. ATII inspectors also identify energy losses and reveal potential electrical faults. Thermographic inspections help to avert significant damages to equipment personnel, prevent electrical fires and significant budget losses.

Fuse box Thermal Imaging
Fuse Links


Fuse links are designed to protect downstream and upstream cabling as well as the equipment at both sites. However in this case the problem of overheating is obvious. This could be related to a weak connection, which will rapidly deteriorate the fuse holder, or an unbalanced 3-phase load. In both cases the energy losses would be significant before a definite damage to the supply system is done.

Mechanical Equipment Thermal Imaging


In many industries, mechanical systems serve as key elements of production lines. Our periodic thermal inspections can reveal the areas of overheating and prevent the expensive mechanical parts from slipping unnoticed by the plant maintenance personnel.

Power Transformer Thermal Imaging
High Voltage Equipment


If you could only see when the components are about to fail, you could accurately decide the best time to take the corrective actions. Unfortunately the worst problems remain hidden for a naked eye until it is too late, but on a thermal image the problems seem to jump right out at you. Periodic IR inspections are one of the best known diagnostic methods for condition monitoring of high voltage equipment thanks to its non contact and a highly revealing nature. Read more:

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