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Residential Thermal Imaging Inspections


Australian Thermal Imaging Inspectors will visit your home and help to establish thermal-electrical safety and energy efficiency, so that you can fill safe and secure in your own castle.

This is how your domestic

switchboard looks inside 

This is how  it looks on

 thermal imaging camera.

Temperature reading of Sp1 higher due to a large appliance is turned ON

Thermal Imaging Domestic Switchboards

You may think it is a strange phenomenon to see the wires heating-up inside the switchboard, but surely it should be known from those school days that the electric current heats up the circuits due to resistance in all conductors.


It is not a problem when the temperature rises above the ambient by about 20 deg.C. However any further excursions from that point-on is a clear indication of both overload and overheating. This in turn increases your risk of electrical fire, if left undiscovered. Moreover your energy bill contains that extra heat produced in circuits for which you are paying for with no benefit in return.


ATII inspectors will give you a piece of mind by:

  • Inspecting the health of your switch board and wiring for any potential faults and/or risk of fire,

  • They can also inspect your house for integrity of the thermal insulation,

  • Determine the areas of heat/cool losses,

  • Provide recommendations on making your house more energy efficient,

  • Install energy monitors throughout, so that you can be in control of your real-time energy usage,

  • Provide recommendations on heating and cooling needs for your house,

  • Provide a comprehensive thermal imaging report, which could be used for your insurance claims,

  • Reveal areas of poor thermal insulation within the walls and roof of your house,

  • Detect  moisture leaks

Thermal Imaging Camera
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