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Satta matka is a popular game played in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was invented during the medieval period in India, when there were no banking facilities or cheques to keep track of money transactions. This made it difficult for people to trust each other with their money which was out on loan at various places. To solve this problem, they decided to play a game where they could bet on who would win a particular amount of money at their disposal that day or week.

The rules vary slightly among different regions but generally speaking there are six basic ones:

  • Each player puts up an amount of cash as stake (usually between 10 lakhs and 100 crores). The winner receives all of these stakes plus whatever else he/she has won (i e additional prizes etc).

  • If you lose then your entire stake gets returned minus any losses made along with interest charges if applicable; otherwise if you win then nothing changes except getting paid back what was staked initially plus some extra profit too!

Satta Matka Rules & Strategies

Satta matka is a game of chance, in which the players bet on winning combinations. It also involves skill, luck and strategy.

As much as we would like to believe that there are secrets to winning at satta matka (and there are), the truth is that there isn't any one particular strategy or method that will work for everyone. Therefore, this guide will focus on giving you some knowledge about how to play satta matka so that you can make informed decisions when playing the game yourself.


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